"Food for the Fight" video presentation

"Food for the Fight" is a video presentation from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and the American Institute for Cancer Research that features interviews with notable physicians, such as Dr. Mehmet Oz, patients undergoing treatment for cancer, and clinical nutritionists.

Through a series of interviews, the presenters share their expert advice on maintaining proper nutrition during cancer treatment even when therapy may reduce appetite, cause weight loss or gain, or alter the smells and tastes that patients traditionally found appealing. Our experts offer guidance for life after cancer treatment; specifically on creating your "new American plate" – a diet rich in healthy fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. They also discuss the importance of exercise and positive attitude, and chefs demonstrate how to create several healthy and simple meals. What Hippocrates told Greeks in 400 B.C. still holds true today, "Let medicine be your food and food be your medicine."