Multiple myeloma and AL amyloidosis belong to a larger group of bone marrow cancers called plasma cell dyscrasias. These disorders begin when normal bone marrow cells called plasma cells become cancerous. The plasma cells normal function is to produce antibodies in response to infectious agents. When the plasma cell becomes abnormal, they multiply and cause disease by direct damage to the organs. Often kidneys, bones, and bone marrow are affected.

AL Amyloidosis develops when free light chains secreted by plasma cells form proteins that are deposited in organs and impair their function. If you've been diagnosed with such a plasma cell dyscrasia, NewYork-Presbyterian offers you comprehensive treatment that may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and stem cell transplantation.

The myeloma specialists at NewYork-Presbyterian lead the most updated cutting-edge technology in the care of these diseases and through clinical trials offer treatments not available elsewhere. Our physicians are recognized as authorities in the field and have served as principal investigators to establish international guidelines for myeloma care. Our ultimate goal is to find a cure for your disease.

Precision Cancer Treatment

We recognize that there are many types of multiple myeloma and AL amyloidosis, each with its own biology. Our focus is on providing cutting-edge medical technologies and the latest treatments — personalized just for your type of disease. We use sophisticated techniques to identify the biological pathways that are disrupted in your particular type of myeloma. These pathways inform us which treatment would be most effective for your disease.

Customized Therapies

Your treatment plan is based on your disease characteristics, your desired treatment schedule, your symptoms, and your overall health. Depending on your stage of myeloma we may monitor your illness, or choose to treat it with chemotherapy in one of our modern and comfortable infusion centers. Radiation therapy is also available to prevent fractures, treat bone damage, ease bone pain, or prepare you for a stem cell transplant. Al amyloidosis needs immediate treatment to avoid damage to the affected organs.

Exceptional Experience in Stem Cell Transplantation

We perform more than 200 stem cell transplants a year. If your doctor recommends a transplant, you'll receive it from a team with an established track record in a hospital where all of your medical needs can be addressed. We have advanced transplant units offering individual monitoring and special airflow systems for patients with weakened immune systems. We also have special expertise in transplants from mismatched donors and provide approaches that reduce the risk of transplant-related complications.

Clinical Trials

We participate in clinical trials for multiple myeloma. These studies offer you access to investigational therapies that show promise for fighting your cancer. Scientists in our laboratories are also scrutinizing the intricacies of myeloma development and applying their findings to create better treatments. Learn More.

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