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Center for Advanced Digestive Care Welcomes Genetic Counselor

April 22, 2015

The CADC’s goal of providing patient-centered care includes providing free support services to patients beyond the doctor’s visit. These services range from nutrition counseling to social work. Most recently, the Center expanded its patient offerings to include genetic counseling.

Francesca Tubito, MS is a genetic counselor whose areas of expertise include hereditary gastrointestinal cancer syndromes such as Lynch syndrome and familial adenomatous polyposis syndrome, among others. Francesca manages the CADC’s hereditary GI cancer registry and is dedicated to patient-centered care. Francesca studied genetics at Rutgers University and genetic counseling at Long Island University-Post before joining the Center for Advanced Digestive Care as a genetic counselor.

Consultations with Francesca are free of charge to patients of CADC member physicians. To schedule an appointment with Francesca, please call the CADC referral center at 1-877-902-2232.