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Jill Roberts Center for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The Jill Roberts Center is made possible through a generous gift from Jill Roberts, a long-standing friend and patron of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical College.

The Jill Roberts Center for Inflammatory Bowel Disease is dedicated to the research and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a chronic and debilitating condition affecting more than 2 million Americans that most often results from two specific diseases: Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

Our Mission

Working synergistically with other member centers in the Center for Advanced Digestive Care, The Jill Roberts Center is dedicated to giving patients control of their disease through:

  • Effective therapies to control inflammation and restore quality of life
  • Easy, convenient access to our multidisciplinary services and physicians
  • Prevention of IBD recurrence
  • Support and education
  • Ongoing follow-up

Personalized and Effective Treatment

Because early, effective therapy makes a dramatic difference in the natural progression of IBD, the Jill Roberts Center is committed to offering early intervention and leading-edge treatment options and surgical techniques, as well as access to clinical trials assessing novel therapies for eligible patients.

Physicians in the Jill Roberts Center also work closely with Pediatric Gastroenterology specialists at the Center for Advanced Digestive Care to treat IBD in children and adolescents.

Research and Innovation

The clinical care of the Jill Roberts Center for IBD is closely linked to the basic science and translational research of the Jill Roberts Institute for Research in IBD at Weill Cornell Medicine.

The JRI is currently investigating this difficult disease through many fronts, including unlocking the secrets of the immune system and inflammation, the role of bacteria (microbiome) and fungi (mycobiome) in the human gut, extraintestinal manifestations including arthritis, and other topics. By understanding the factors that cause or exacerbate IBD, the JRI hopes to discover new ways to treat IBD, and even find a cure some day.

Patient Financial Services

Patient account representatives help you navigate insurance and billing questions, verification of health insurance coverage, pre-certification, and payment responsibilities. They work with you to assure a smooth billing and insurance reimbursement process.

Our Physicians

Ellen J. Scherl, MD

Vinita E. Jacob, MD

Robert Burakoff, MD

Randy Longman, MD, PhD

Dana J. Lukin, MD, PhD

Meira Abramowitz, MD

Our Location

The Jill Roberts Center is located in Manhattan at NewYork-Presbyterian /Weill Cornell Medical Center.
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Some providers also see inflammatory bowel disease patients at Weill Cornell Medicine's downtown outpatient practice

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Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM