Vascular Surgery

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

Vascular Surgery

Advanced AngioVac System

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital became the first hospital in Brooklyn to use a new, groundbreaking catheterization system for en masse blood clot filtration. The system, called AngioVac, allows Hospital surgeons to "vacuum up" entire blood clots and filter them out of a patient's blood supply.

NYPBMH specialists perform a procedure to remove a large clot from a patient's heart.

The benefits of the system are especially important for high-risk patients where large clots obstruct blood flow in the lungs, or in which a clot protrudes into the heart from the surrounding veins. For certain patients with particularly large clots, the ability to filter a whole clot at once may reduce or eliminate the need for an open surgical procedure, which could carry a considerably higher risk of complications.


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