Institute for Neurosciences

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The Institute for Neurosciences at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital brings together a unique group of specialists and medical services to offer diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of neurological (nervous system) conditions, ranging from frequent headaches to syncope to multiple sclerosis.

The Institute's panel of physician specialists includes neurologists (doctors who study the brain and nervous system), neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, endocrinologists (doctors who study glands and hormones), radiologists (doctors who study and interpret tests of the body), radiation oncologists, physiatrists (doctors who specialize in rehabilitation), and specialists in geriatric (seniors) medicine. Psychologists and physical therapists may also be involved in patient care.

To request educational speakers or other community participation from NYPBMH relating to this Institute, or for more information, please visit the relevant Community Education and Programs pages and then contact the Department of Public Affairs with your request or inquiry.

Neurosciences Programs

Stroke Center

The Institute's Stroke Center offers rapid evaluation of stroke patients and advanced treatments for stroke

Epilepsy Center

The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center is dedicated to the management of the complex medical and social needs of

Parkinson's Disease Program

The Parkinson's Disease Program offers the only comprehensive diagnostic and treatment program for Parkinson's

Back and Neck Pain Center

The NYPBMH Comprehensive Back and Neck Pain Center is dedicated to providing patients with the best clinical

Multiple Sclerosis

The Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Center offers excellent and compassionate multidisciplinary care.


Our neurosurgeons take part in pioneering new minimally invasive procedures for treating brain and spine

Brain Tumors

At NYPBMH, a team works together to determine the most appropriate brain tumor treatment plan for each patient.


The Neuropathy Program at NYPBMH offers highly qualified neuropathy specialists and advanced technology for

Memory Center

NYPBMH offers a full continuum of care for memory and attention disorders.

Other Neurosciences Services

Balance Disorders

Falls are the leading cause of injuries in older adults. But because balance is an important part of everyday life for all of us, stability is critical at any age.

Facial Pain

The Facial Pain Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital offers a variety of treatments for those suffering from chronic facial pain.

Swallowing and Speech / Language Disorders

This specialized Center of Swallowing and Speech-Language Pathology (CSSLP) is the first of its kind in Brooklyn, and one of only a few in New York City.


When it comes to children, NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital is committed to providing the best possible care, with the realization that we treat not only the child, but his or her family, as well.


NYPBMH is one of the few institutions in the metropolitan area to integrate neurology, rehabilitation medicine and psychiatry into one department, thus providing individuals with comprehensive care and ultimately reducing their length of stay at the Hospital.


Because the mind and body work together so closely, NYPBMH psychologists focus on the entire person (mental and physical state), taking into account emotional, cognitive and behavioral issues.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

For patients suffering from neurological disorders, the road to recovery is smoother thanks to the advanced rehabilitation services offered at NYPBMH.

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