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Emergency Medicine Residency Program



Emergency Medicine Residency Program

A conference is held every Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM As an essential component of the resident experience, this allows for academic discussion and inquiry in a relaxed and interactive environment. Residents and faculty look forward to the weekly meetings as both a time for education and a chance to come together as a group. Conference days are protected during the entire first year, including off-service rotations, and for the majority of the second and third years.

A comprehensive curriculum, the Core Content Educational Presentation Series (CCEPS), has been created for Wednesday Conference. This consists of formal didactic sessions, grand rounds with locally and nationally renowned guest speakers, anatomy and procedure laboratories, resident case presentations, and monthly morbidity and mortality review. In addition, experts in fields such as law and business are incorporated into the rotation of speakers to assure broad education in today's medical culture. Furthermore, four hours each month are spent reviewing and critiquing current emergency medicine literature and in the teaching of research methodology and statistics.

Another strength of the program is the frequent attendance of city-wide lecture events in lieu of traditional conferences. Several times a year residents attend symposia at various institutions around the city. Recent examples include the AllNYC conferences, EmCrit conferences, the annual NYACEP Resident Conference and the NYACEP Research Forum. We have also hosted similar events at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. These conferences serve as an important opportunity to network with colleagues as well as to interact with health professionals in other fields.