Medical Education

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

Medical Education



NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital resident physicians are represented by the Committee of Interns & Residents (CIR) and are provided health insurance and other benefits as a result. For more information, call 212-356-8100 or visit


Full-time attending physicians have teaching appointments at Weill Cornell Medical College. Many members of the faculty are involved in clinical research and publish in peer-reviewed journals. Residents are encouraged to participate in such research and to initiate their own projects under the sponsorship of attending physicians.

The NYPBMH Health Sciences Library provides clinicians with current authoritative information on patient care, medical education, research and health care administration.


Library users have access to online medical databases including PubMed, Ovid, UpToDate, AccessMedicine, AccessEmergency Medicine, AccessSurgery, STATRef, EBM Reviews, NEJM, Nutrition Care Manual, and the Library catalog. The Library print collection includes 2,500 textbooks and 160 current journal subscriptions. The Library is staffed by two full-time professional medical librarians and two library assistants.

Find more information about the NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital Health Sciences Library or call 718-780-5197.


Schedules for residents are prepared in compliance with ACGME regulations and with the New York State Department of Health, Regulation 405.


Through a collective bargaining agreement between NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital and the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR), each resident is covered by the Voluntary Hospital Staff Benefits Plan. Representatives of the CIR will furnish information regarding the specific benefit plan provisions or you may contact the CIR Benefits Office directly. Call 212-356-8100 or visit


Residents are entitled to four weeks of vacation each year (from July 1 through June 30), and one approved extra-mural course or meeting during the senior year.


The Hospital provides each resident with six uniforms annually. These uniforms are laundered at no cost to residents.

Other benefits

Residents receive meal vouchers and parking tickets while taking call. Each resident receives an allowance of $525 each year of service for the purchase of books, journals, CD-ROMs, state mandated medical licenses, licensure and medical board exams, PDAs, and educational/professional software. Any unused portion of the allowance will be accumulated from year to year. On-call rooms with computers and televisions are provided. Specific departments may offer additional benefits.