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Continuing Medical Education Programs


Maintaining the medical knowledge and skills necessary to care for patients is a critical, ongoing and dynamic process. Educational needs can be expected to develop and change consistent with current evidence based practice and in response to emerging technology, information, and new standards of performance improvement. Our community believes that identifying and organizing an adequate response to these educational needs emanate from a self-imposed will to excel and deliver the best available medical care.

Our objective is to maintain a program of continuing medical education that enables our physicians to achieve these goals.

During these efforts, professionalism, ethics, performance, competence, patient outcomes and confidentiality (of patients data) are paramount.

For more information, contact us . . .

Sameer Rafla, MD. PhD
Chairman Emeritus, Radiation Oncology
Director, CME Program

Rose Santiago
CME Coordinator

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By Phone: 718-780-7819

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Attention:  Graduate Medical Education Department
NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital
506 Sixth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215