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Healthy City Kids Program

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Healthy City Kids (HCK) is a healthy lifestyles and obesity prevention program for families of pre-school aged children. HCK is delivered in partnership with community centers, currently working with Head Start program at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House.

The Healthy City Kids curriculum, which was developed by a team of pediatricians and a pediatric nutritionist at NYP-WCMC with parent input, consists of six weekly interactive sessions taught to parents or caregiver participants of the enrolled pre-school children. The six sessions are offered three times a year and consist of 45 minutes of nutrition education and 15 minutes of physical activity.

Weekly sessions are taught by pediatricians, pediatric medical residents, and a Registered Dietitian from the Hospital. Parents learn about healthy eating practices and fun, age-appropriate physical activities that can be implemented at home. Each class includes nutrition learning sessions, a healthy snack, culturally adapted recipes, take-home activities for the families, and a review of the previous week's family activities. The program also utilizes an evidence-based physical activity program for preschoolers called "Animal Trackers," which gives families age-appropriate physical activities to use at home. Parents also participate in these activities during the sessions and are encouraged to try them for at least 20 minutes three times a week at home.

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Program Coordinator: Robyn Turetsky, MS, RDN, CDN