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Patient Safety

At NewYork-Presbyterian, we are proud to be recognized for providing high-standard, compassionate health care. Patient safety is the cornerstone of delivering care of this quality. We are committed to making NYP the safest academic health system by promoting zero harm and optimal patient outcomes, through research and innovation, and by developing and sharing best practices. At NYP, we are all accountable for quality and patient safety. Here are just a few ways we make sure you and your family stay safe when visiting our hospitals.

Department of Quality and Patient Safety (QPS)


To be a high reliability organization that promotes and supports quality and safety, optimal patient outcomes, research and innovation.


To make NYP the best and safest academic health system by promoting:

  • High reliability
  • A culture of safety
  • Zero harm


To support the systematic organization-wide approach to planning, designing, measuring, assessing, and improving organizational performance.

Initiatives are designed to:

  • Attain optimal patient outcomes and patient and family experiences
  • Support an engaged and safe workforce
  • Enhance appropriate utilization of resources
  • Minimize risks and hazards of care
  • Develop and share best practices

Our QPS Domains

Quality Improvement

We engage Hospital staff in ongoing efforts to provide the best care to those we serve. We help manage and support a wide range of initiatives, offering staff methodologies and tools to bring quality improvement to every aspect of the work we do and the care we provide.

Patient Safety

We are dedicated to helping all staff members maintain the safest environment at our Hospitals. Every employee is encouraged to identify and report anything that might result in harm to patients or to coworkers, as well as to speak up and share any concerns.

Infection Prevention & Control

Our team works to identify and contain potential outbreaks of diseases, educates employees on preventing and controlling the spread of infection, and collaborates with government agencies when necessary. We implement evidence-based practices to protect patients and staff and oversee prevention programs throughout our Hospitals.


We collect, manage, interpret, and share data, so we can continuously understand how to do the best for our patients. This data allows us to measure our successes, identify areas for improvement, and benchmark against other institutions.

Regulatory Accreditation

We oversee efforts to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety, in keeping with guidelines set forth by agencies that regulate and accredit hospitals. Our team works closely with these agencies to keep abreast of newly-established protocols to improve health outcomes and helps implement them at our Hospitals.