Philanthropy in Action

Pioneering Surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian

Mia Skaats and Brooklyn Civil

Mia Skaats, and Brooklyn Civil, with their parents, and care team

At NewYork-Presbyterian, we take pride in our ability to tackle the most challenging and unique cases. Three months after an unprecedented domino heart valve transplant in infants that helped save the lives two babies at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, Mia Skaats, now 11 months old, and Brooklyn Civil, 5 months old, visited the Today Show as their parents recounted the moments leading up to the pioneering procedure.

In a conversation with Today Show co-hosts Sheinelle Jones and Craig Melvin, alongside Marc Richmond, MD, from NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, parents Nicole and James Skaats recalled the fateful day they received news that Mia was going to get a new heart. Little did Samantha and Andre Civil know, that call would also change the life of their infant daughter, Brooklyn.

"Timing was actually very serendipitous, I had received a donor offer for Mia, that was about two in the morning…The next morning, we reviewed Brooklyn’s case. I said, 'I am doing a heart transplant tonight. Mia’s valves worked perfectly. Maybe we should do this as a Domino.'"

Andrew Goldstein, MD
Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Philanthropy is the driving force in NewYork-Presbyterian's ability to provide the highest quality care possible to patients like Mia and Brooklyn. With the generous support of donors, we are able to fund new initiatives, research and projects that allow us to be a leader in groundbreaking procedures like this one.