Ultrasound Student Elective

Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) has become an integral part of emergency medicine training and daily clinical practice. POCUS allows emergency clinicians to make efficient and effective management decisions while never leaving the patient’s side. New York Presbyterian Queens offers an emergency ultrasound elective clerkship for medical students. This clerkship offers students the opportunity to obtain hands-on and didactic training in this essential diagnostic modality. The goal of this 2-4 week elective is to provide students with a broad-based introduction to the emergency applications of bedside ultrasound.

Ultrasound activities

Your ultrasound responsibilities will include:

  • Weekday scan shifts where you will gain hands-on experience working with ultrasound fellows, residents, and ultrasound fellowship-trained faculty
  • Each scan shift will have an assigned POCUS study to concentrate on and daily lectures on these topics will be provided
  • Wednesday afternoon Tape Review where patients as well as topics of interest are discussed in greater detail
  • You will provide a case based presentation on a topic of interest during the last Tape Review of your rotation under the guidance of your supervising ultrasound faculty


On Wednesdays, from 9 AM to 2 PM, there is a mandatory weekly conference for residents and medical students. Following resident conference, students will participate in ultrasound-focused didactics at weekly Tape Review.

On Thursdays, students will participate in additional high-yield, interactive didactic sessions specifically created for their level of education. This weekly Thursday conference is planned and executed by the residents, fellows, and the Clerkship Director. These sessions are developed specifically for our students to allow for optimal learning opportunities.

How to apply

To find our rotation on VSLO:

  1. Go to the VSLO Search for Electives form
  2. Select Weill Cornell Medicine from the Institution Menu
  3. Select New York Presbyterian Queens from the Site Menu
  4. Click Search
  5. Our Fourth year EM elective is designated EMER.8002.NYQ - Emergency Medicine Ultrasound at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens

We offer four emergency medicine electives:

EMER.8304.NYQ — Sub-internship in Emergency Medicine at New York-Presbyterian Queens
EMER.8006.NYQ — Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Simulation at New York-Presbyterian Queens
EMER.8002.NYQ — Emergency Medicine Ultrasound at New York-Presbyterian Queens
EMER.8009.NYQ — VIRTUAL Emergency Med and Critical Care Simulation

For more information, contact

Sheetal Sheth, DO

Sheetal Sheth, DO

Student Clerkship Director

Director of Undergraduate Education