How We Treat Carotid Stenosis


Personalized Care to Prevent a Stroke

Creating a plan of care just for you, your team members may select from these therapies for carotid stenosis:

Medical Therapy

If your blockage is small, we may give you medications to reduce blood clotting, lower the levels of cholesterol and fats in your blood, and reduce your blood pressure. For some people, this is the only treatment needed.

Surgical Treatments

  • Endarterectomy: We perform this surgery to remove the plaque inside your narrowed carotid artery.
  • Stent insertion: Our physicians insert a stent (a small mesh support tube) at the site of the blockage in your carotid artery through a flexible tube (catheter) placed into an artery in your groin and threaded through the blood vessels of your body to the blockage. The stent stays in your carotid artery to provide a channel through which blood can flow more freely.
  • Bypass revascularization: Our surgeons reroute the blood supply around the blockage to bypass the obstruction in your carotid artery.