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Comprehensive Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Care For Adults and Children

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  • Arthritis Treatment

    Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common forms of arthritis. The Spine and Arthritis Center offers effective treatments for both conditions.

    Osteoarthritis is a musculo-skeletal disease. It is the deterioration of cartilage that commonly affects the hands, hips, knees, neck, and back. Successful treatment stops or slows the progression of the disease. NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital physicians may prescribe medications to reduce pain and inflammation. A physical therapy and lifestyle change such as exercise and weight reduction is often recommended and most effective when monitored. In addition, surgery to replace damaged tissue and joints can often restore normal functioning.

    Our surgeons offer advanced treatments for "vertebral compression fractures" (fractures caused in the spine due to pressure) caused by osteoporosis. These treatments include:

    • Kyphoplasty - an inflatable balloon is used to reduce the fracture
    • Vertebroplasty - a filler is injected directly into the fractured vertebra

    Rheumatoid arthritis is a disorder that affects joint linings and affects women more often than men. Symptoms include painful, swollen, and tender joints. Left untreated, rheumatoid arthritis can eventually damage the heart, lungs, and other body structures. Rheumatologists at the Institute diagnose and treat this disorder.

    Visit the Spine and Arthritis Center to learn more about diagnosis and treatment of arthritis and back problems.

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