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Podiatry Residency Program


Protocol for externs


This externship program is designed to provide pre-doctoral podiatric externs (students) with additional exposure to patient care in office, clinic and hospital settings. Externs are provided with the opportunity for observation of other specialties to broaden their medical training to patient care on the health care team. This externship is also intended to inform other professionals and allied groups of the role of podiatry on health care team.

Required documentation for applicants to the externship program

Applicants must submit the following to the Podiatry Residency Coordinator, Smitia Semexant, via email or fax to 718-780-3095:

  • Letter of interest
  • Uniform Podiatric Clerkship Application (with a picture)
  • Current CV
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation
  • School transcript
  • Proof of passing the NBPME

Educational objectives

The program has been established to enhance the basic clinical educational exposure acquired by the students of podiatric medical schools. NYPBMHH provides clinical educational objectives to maximize externs' potential as podiatric physicians. Externs will participate and/or observe in patient care and expected to research topics that are not familiar to them. At the discretion of the program director, podiatric externs may observe and/or participate in various medical and surgical practice areas such as:

  • Admissions procedures, new patient management, history and physical
  • In-patient hospital management (EKG, lab and ancillary evaluation)
  • Pre-operative surgical evaluation and post-operative care
  • Roentgenological evaluation
  • DM medical and podiatric management
  • Biomechanical evaluation and its relation to surgical intervention
  • Outpatient clinical protocol
  • Ethics of patient care
  • Emergency Room protocol ( i.e. trauma, infection )
  • Consultation letters
  • Surgical and scrub technique ( including AO principles and technique )
  • Pharmacology
  • Hospital and office charting
  • Pediatric evaluation and treatment of podiatric conditions

Therefore, externs must be equipped with the following:

  • Neurologic hammer
  • Stethoscope
  • Tuning fork
  • Semmes Weinstein Monofilament wire
  • Pen light
  • Bandage scissors

(Clippers are not necessary).

Externs are also required to come in on one day of any weekend in scrub attire for rounding and patient care. The day has to be approved by the chief(s) so the assigned extern can be included on that day's schedule.

Student presentations

Student presentations are usually held on the last Tuesday of the externship. Externs must present a 10 - 15 minute Power Point presentation on a surgically-based topic. The topic must be approved by the Chief(s) or Dr. Soave, during the first week of the externship.


All externs will be evaluated upon the conclusion of the externship. An evaluation is provided by each extern's respective school.

Extern responsibilities

This program is to serve as an adjunct to clinical education. The busy offices and hospital settings have extended the privilege for externs to observe and participate. Externs should represent themselves, their college, and faculty at the highest professional level at all times. Professional attire is required at all times. The dress code during the externship is as follows:

All students must wear a clean short white lab coat at all times.
All externs must be in professional attire (i.e., males must wear slacks, a shirt and tie; females must wear slacks, a dress, skirt, and blouse)
Jeans are not permitted.

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital is extremely committed to educating the future of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. For correspondence to the program, mail can be addressed to:

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

Smitia Semexant
Podiatry Residency Coordinator
Department of Podiatry