The mission of Lang Youth is to use NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital's resources to inspire, support, and motivate young people from the Washington Heights\Inwood community to realize their college and career aspirations, especially in the health sciences. We accomplish this mission with a five-point strategy:

  1. A culture of support, from peers and mentors, to develop personal resiliency
  2. A challenging curriculum to instill intellectual curiosity and academic skills
  3. Leadership opportunities to develop community ambassadors
  4. Opportunities to build social and professional competencies
  5. Financial incentives to encourage goal-setting and planning for the future

Lang Youth helps cultivate the social, personal and intellectual development of its Scholars by adhering to the NYP A group of medical proffessionals posingValues of Empathy, Excellence, Innovation, Respect, Responsibility, and Teamwork. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Lang Youth are committed to practicing good citizenship and putting the needs of others first.

Our Objectives

  • To develop in our students a science background that will provide the skills to participate in today's information-age society with cultural awareness and civic responsibility.
  • To foster students' self-esteem and help them achieve personal and academic goals.
  • To inspire the pursuit of career goals, particularly in medicine, healthcare, and the sciences.
  • To promote meaningful mentoring relationships with staff, faculty, residents, medical students, and hospital administrators.
  • To help students develop habits of good citizenship and a commitment to their local community.