We work with patients and their representatives to provide an initial estimate of charges, collect advance deposits for hospital care, physician services, and other providers, and resolve questions about outstanding charges.  Self-paying patients receive a cost estimate for medical care prior to the first appointment or admission to the Hospital.  Estimates are based on the level of hospital accommodations and expected medical services as well as similar cases.  Full payment is required at registration prior to appointments. If initial clinical consultations or post-operative services are recommended, it will also be necessary to arrange for payment prior to receiving or at the time of service.

The following are acceptable forms of payment for patient balances:

  • Wire transfers (Our financial representative can provide instructions on how to transfer funds)
  • Credit Cards - Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Certified checks (U.S. bank)
  • Money orders
  • Cash (U.S. dollars; accepted on-site with security escort arrangements available)

Please be aware that your final bill may vary from the estimate based on changes during the course of your medical treatment due to additional treatment needs. It will be sent out within two months after your care is completed so that all current charges for the hospital and other providers are included as well as any balances determined by third party payers. Personal accommodations outside of the hospital stay are separate charges that we can help arrange but will not be part of the hospital invoice. Our Financial Representatives are available to explain all charges, answer questions, and assist you with payment options.



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