We work with patients and their representatives to provide an estimate of charges, collect deposits before any hospital care, physician services, or other medical providers, and resolve questions about outstanding charges.  Self-paying patients receive a cost estimate based on the level of expected hospital and other medical provider services as determined by your provider and our history of similar cases.  Full payment is required upon receipt of an accepted Estimate or no later than 24 hours prior to appointments or procedures, including any pre-admission consultations or post-operative services, to ensure financial clearance.  Please be aware that your final bill may vary from the estimate based on unforeseen changes during the course of your medical treatment due to any additional medical needs you may have.  This is especially important if you are being seen initially for a consultation or have complications that extend your care beyond the initial projection. Your bill will be sent out in approximately 60 business days, or longer only as needed, after your care is completed so that all charges for the hospital and other service providers are included as well as any balances determined by third-party payers.  Refunds will be issued in approximately 90 business days, or longer only as needed, in the manner original payment was received or by check, once all charges have been posted and the account is fully closed for all services.  Unpaid accounts are referred within 90 business days to our outside billing service agencies authorized to collect on the hospital’s and physician’s behalf.

The following are acceptable forms of payment for patient balances:

  • Wire transfers, VISA, MasterCard, & AMEX (through our Secure Payment Portal)
  • Traveler’s checks, Certified checks drawn on U.S. bank, or Money orders
  • Cash (U.S. dollars - accepted only by appointment on-campus with security escort to Cashier)



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