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It takes less than a minute to learn how to save a life. Click to watch the #HandsOnlyCPR video below.

CPR Check


STEP 1 - CHECK: Tap the victims shoulders to see if the victim is breathing. If you don't see any breathing or movement it is serious.

CPR Call


STEP 2 - CALL: Call 911 immediately.

CPR Compress


STEP 3 - Compress: Interlock your fingers use the heel of your palm to press down in the center of the chest at a rate of 2 compressions per second.

dr. holly anderson with her hands interlocked

“As a cardiologist, I have been frustrated learning of athletes dying on the playing field unnecessarily and resuscitating people brought in to our ER with no brain viability – because people do not know what to do and it’s so simple. We have to change this.”


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Attending Cardiologist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Director of Education and Outreach for The Ronald O. Perelman Heart Institute

HandsOnly CPR triples the chance of survial

Effective Hands Only CPR needs to be performed at a rate of 100/120 beats per minute.
Below is a curated playlist of 100/120 BPM songs.

It's Sexy To Save A Life - Cast Of Chicago

The cast of Chicago demonstrates Hands Only CPR

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