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Make Your Campus Heart Safe

Hands Only CPR triples the chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest.

sudden cardiac arrest is the #1 killer of student athletes

Cardiac Arrest Kills

1 Person every 2 minutes

Without CPR

92% Die before making it to the hospital

The Survival Rate Decrease By

10% Every minute without CPR

Make Your Campus Heart Safe

Empower everyone to know how to save a life

Watch the 30 second video

Watch The :30 Video

Have all students, employees, players and coaching staff learn to do HandsOnly CPR by watching the video at least once a year.

Displaying the CPR poster on the wall

Display the Poster

Hang the CHECK CALL COMPRESS Poster in public spaces.

English | Spanish | Chinese

An AED hanging on the wall

Know where an AED is

Make sure students and staff know where the AEDs are located. Minimum, one in locker room and one on the field of play. AED's should be in close proximity to classrooms and residence halls.

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Ansel Elgort


Stands straight with your arms outstretched and fingers interlaced, palms up. Hands should be just below your chin.


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Download Or Create Your Own

Heart Safe Poster

English CPR Poster

Hands Only Poster - English

Spanish CPR Poster

Hands Only Poster - Spanish

Chinese CPR Poster

Hands Only Poster - Chinese

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Create Your Own Heart Safe Poster

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