Psychiatry and Mental Health

NewYork-Presbyterian Psychiatry brings the academic faculty of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medical College together with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in a shared mission to advance the field of diagnostic precision and to refine the most effective treatments for individuals of all ages. The blending of two Ivy League academic-research institutions with the world-class standards and facilities of NewYork-Presbyterian provides our patients with expertise as deep and varied as human potential. Collectively, these institutions transform our mission in academic medicine into a passion to restore patients to health and fully functional lives within their community.

From early onset and intervention through late life, NewYork-Presbyterian Psychiatry provides expertise across all psychiatric disorders. Whether managing a first episode or a chronic and unresolved complaint, our team distinguishes itself through determined and individualized diagnosis and treatment in a compassionate and discreet environment. We offer inpatient and outpatient services across three New York City campuses and at our beautiful 214-acre Westchester Division. Providing warm, welcoming, and comfortable accommodations is central to our person-centered values. Cultural competency is a hallmark across our services and informs the mutual decisions we make with our patients.

Our commitment to bringing groundbreaking research in neurobiology and genomics from bench to bedside accelerates our ability to translate scientific findings into evidence-based therapies for our patients. We are training the next generation of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, and social workers with an uncompromising commitment to helping our patients feel better.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Diagnostic, treatment, and crisis intervention services are provided to children, adolescents, and families, in both ambulatory and inpatient programs. Our expert clinicians begin treatment with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of mood and personality, which then guides the treatment and discharge planning. Family members and caregivers are integral in all stages of treatment recovery. Our multi-campus, medically supervised adolescent partial hospitalization program is an alternative to or step-down from hospitalization providing intensive brief treatment in an outpatient setting.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program

Our Hospital-based emergency psychiatric services provide a full psychiatric assessment, stabilization, extended observation, treatment, and referral of patients 18 and older. Our psychiatrists, social workers, and nurses are trained in emergency psychiatry and work together as a team to develop a rapid response to acute care needs.

Depression and Anxiety Disorders

We offer major clinical and research programs to advance the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. Our faculty have particular expertise in treatment-resistant depression, late-life depression, and anxiety disorders, including OCD. Our Youth Anxiety Center brings together the faculties from both medical colleges in a collaborative effort that spans basic mouse research, translational clinical research, clinical trials, and direct patient care targeting youth and young adults in the critical ages from 16 to 28 who are struggling with transitions to adulthood. Our expertise in psychopharmacology is unparalleled. Our investigations of novel treatments and technology-assisted therapies lead the field in modulating brain function. Our physician researchers are responsible for the development of countless screening tools and interventional models that test and adapt pharmacologic, psychosocial, and wrap-around treatment for individuals at high risk.

Eating Disorders

With the only specialized co-educational adolescent and adult 17-bed inpatient eating disorders program in New York State, our clinicians address the complex medical and psychological manifestations of anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and other eating disorders. Our multifaceted program focuses on behavior change, helping adolescents and adults achieve normal weight and normal eating behaviors. Treatment is informed by the most recent clinical research findings. Outpatient programs at three locations further complement our integrated approach to providing comprehensive and compassionate treatment for these challenging disorders.

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Geriatric Psychiatry

NewYork-Presbyterian has earned national recognition for excellence in specialized clinical care, research, and training in depression and other mood disorders of older adults. Clinical services are always focused on personalized care aimed at eliminating or reducing psychiatric symptoms and facilitating long-term stability throughout later life. Psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, ECT, family consultations and assistance with social supports are integrated to provide ongoing clinical care. Our faculty lead the field in identifying the neurobiological causes of geriatric depression, evidenced by over 30 years of research support and recognition by the National Institute of Mental Health for ongoing study of the aging brain.

Personality Disorders

Often comorbid with affective disorders, personality disorders are diagnosed and treated in our crisis intervention unit. We offer dialectical behavior informed therapies aimed at mood regulation coupled with behavioral plans to support interpersonal relationships and decrease self-injurious behaviors. We offer a lifelong resource to patients and families struggling to find help. Treatments include supportive psychotherapy, cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies, medication management, and continuing services to a difficult-to-treat population.

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Psychotic Disorders

NewYork-Presbyterian, in collaboration with our medical colleges, has made major inroads into the understanding and treatment of psychotic disorders with a particular expertise in first episode and multi-episode treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. We are committed to helping mentally ill adults achieve stable, productive, community lives by eliminating the isolation of serious mental illness. We work to engage patients and develop medication protocols that can be tolerated and adhered to. We work together in a team-based model to establish and restore social networks and maintain patients in their work and school activities, fostering the ability to live independently. All patients have access to comprehensive inpatient and outpatient levels of care. Our faculty are recognized worldwide as leaders in research in brain imaging and biomarkers of psychotic disorders. We treat complex, comorbid patients in a recovery-oriented and culturally sensitive setting.

Substance and Alcohol Use

Treatment for substance and alcohol use is provided in both integrated and specialized settings. The complex needs of patients struggling with comorbid psychiatric and substance use are met through treatments proven to support harm reduction and abstinence. Our system of care is discreet, accommodating, and individualized, from residential treatment in our amenities-rich Westchester Division to the structured support available from comprehensive evaluation and treatment services offered across our facilities.

Women's Mental Health

NewYork-Presbyterian offers a broad array of mental health services that focus on issues and disorders experienced by women in a trauma-informed environment that is respectful of social and cultural diversity. Our CBT-informed care is enlightened by robust research that is examining symptoms and treatment of women across the lifespan. Collaborative investigations in endocrinology, neurobiology, psychology, imaging, and psychopharmacological studies specific to women contribute to new understanding in the field of women's reproductive psychiatry and effective therapies. This unique program offers women, often underrepresented in research, an inpatient program that recognizes gender and cultural identity.




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