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Domestic Abuse: It's Complicated

Domestic abuse is one partner's way of controlling the other through threats and fear. It can be verbal, emotional, mental, or physical. It affects people who are married, living together, dating or divorced, and from all income levels, social, racial, religious, and ethnic groups. Domestic abuse occurs regardless of sexual orientation. Although it can happen to anyone, women are at a much higher risk.

Does Your Partner . . .

  • Insist on knowing where you are all the time? Keep you from seeing family, friends, and / or control how your money is spent?

  • Hurt, shame, or embarrass you in front of other or your children?

  • Hit or threaten to hit you or your children, throw or smash things, hurt your pets, use certain looks to frighten you?

  • Force you to have sex or do sexual acts that you don't want to do?

If you find yourself saying yes to any of these, you are not alone. DOVE is available, offering crisis intervention and referrals to shelters / safe homes, legal services and many other community services.

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