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Featured Faculty

  1. Francis Lee, MD, PhD: Dynamic Changes in Neural Circuitry During Adolescence are Associated with Persistent Attenuation of Fear Memories. Pattwell SS, Liston C, Deqiang J, Ninan I, Yang, RR, Witztum J, Murdock MH, Dincheva, Kevin BG, Casey BJ, Deisseroth K & Lee FS. Nature Communications. May 2016.
  2. Helen Blair Simpson, MD, PhD and Michael Wheaton, PhD: The Role of Response Inhibition in Medicated and Unmedicated Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Patients: Evidence From the Stop-Signal Task. Kalanthroff E, Teichert M,Wheaton MG, Kimeldorf MB, Linkovski O, Ahmari SE, Fyer AJ, Schneier FR, Anholt GE, Simpson HB. Depression and Anxiety. 2016.
  3. John Walkup, MD:
  4. Moira Rynn, MD, Rachel Marsh, PhD, and Cristiane Duarte, PhD, MPH: