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About the Youth Anxiety Center

Executive Director's Message

From Dr. Herbert Pardes

Executive Director of the Youth Anxiety Center

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental health disorders in the United States. They include separation, social and generalized anxiety disorders, and related conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder. The period of highest risk of developing one of these disorders is between childhood and young adulthood.

While certain levels of anxiety may be normal, severe anxiety can be debilitating, undermining the daily life of young people and threatening their future and wellbeing. Anxiety disorders are on the rise and have now surpassed depression as the leading mental health issue facing college students. Without question, this is a major public health concern and the time has come to raise awareness of anxiety disorders and provide educational resources to patients, families, schools, and medical professionals.

Due to the generosity of a dedicated group of philanthropists, we launched NewYork-Presbyterian's Youth Anxiety Center, a collaborative research and clinical program with the goal of transforming our understanding of anxiety in teens and young adults at its most basic level. Ultimately, this will to lead more-effective treatments. Through the collaboration of nationally recognized faculty in basic research and specialized clinical care from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medical College, our Youth Anxiety Center offers hope and help to young people and their families.