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Videos in the Total Orthopedics series are packed with tips and pearls to immediately apply in your practice. Taught by the experts at Columbia Orthopedics, these informative and compressed videos enable you to stay current with the latest advances in orthopedic surgery, in under 10 minutes.

ACL Primary Repair vs. Reconstruction

Christopher Ahmad, MD

Introducing the Total Orthopedics Series

William N. Levine, MD

Denervation of the Wrist for Chronic Pain

Robert J. Strauch, MD

The Acute Unstable PIP Dorsal Fracture Dislocation

Robert J. Strauch, MD

Elbow Stiffness and Early Arthritis in the Young Adult

Charles Jobin, MD

Tibial Eminence Fracture

Charles A. Popkin, MD

Top 2 Tips and Pearls for Glenoid Exposure

William N. Levine MD & Lauren Redler MD