Treatment Program

The Haven’s highly trained research and academically focused multidisciplinary team distinguishes The Haven from other inpatient programs. We offer individualized treatment plans and collaborate with faculty from the Hospital’s numerous and diverse subspecialty programs to address each patient’s unique biological, psychological, and psychosocial issues. A structured group program based on cognitive behavioral approaches complements individual therapy and pharmacotherapy.

All patients are seen daily by the program’s treatment team comprised of experienced attending psychiatrists, physician assistants, nurses, social workers, and psychosocial rehabilitation specialists. In addition to a rigorous diagnostic assessment, which may include neuro-psychological testing, close attention is paid to our patients’ overall social and vocational functioning with the goal of elevating people to their fullest potential.

This comprehensive approach informs treatment during hospitalization and specific recommendations for post-discharge follow-up care. All treatment and aftercare planning is coordinated with the referring clinicians and in partnership with patients and families. Additionally, motivational interviewing techniques, relapse prevention, and/or 12-step based treatment programs are offered when indicated. Individual, group, and family therapy using psychodynamic, cognitive, and behavioral techniques are provided with state-of-the-art, judicious use of psychopharmacology. Internal medicine and neurology faculty are on staff to provide consultation.

Educational and supportive sessions are offered for family members and faculty remain available to assist with new challenges and transitions in care.