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Patient Stories

Elias Miro

Elias Miro

“Everyone felt like they were in the loop when Dr. Avgerinos came out. So it made me feel like he was engaged and that he cared, and he made me feel like I wanted to get better to show him that he did a great job.”

Lana Guerro

Lana Guerro

“There’s no words for all that Dr. Saldinger has done for me, you know, taking care of everything. He always made me feel that everything was going to be fine”

Ramit Malhotra

Ramit Malhotra

“I felt like, as a 28-year-old millennial, you basically do things in life where you feel like you can do anything. But what I’ve learned is that you just don’t take time for granted”

Tom Myers

Tom Myers

“I’m eternally grateful to the doctors at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens. They thought outside the box and saved my leg.”