Pastoral Care and Education

The Department of Pastoral Care and Education acknowledges diversity of both individuals and religious/spiritual traditions. We are committed to the respectful provision of pastoral services/spiritual care to our patients and their families and loved ones with compassion and competence. We will strive to provide these services in collaboration with other disciplines, religious institutions, community groups and others seeking to facilitate healing and wholeness of all persons.

During your stay, the Department of Pastoral Care and Education at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens is concerned about your spiritual needs. Chaplains are available to visit with you, offer prayer and counsel and assist you with your sacramental needs and religious observances. If we may be of assistance to you or to your loved ones, please contact us at 718-670-1114.

If you would like your spiritual leader informed of your hospitalization, we will be pleased to make the contact for you. Please call 718-670-1114 and tell us your name, room number, name of your faith community and its leader. Our staff will make the contact for you. Your spiritual leader is encouraged to visit you.

There is a chaplain on call for emergencies 24 hours a day. Please contact the medical center operator at 718-670-2000.  

Roman Catholic Services

  • Holy Communion and Anointing are available upon request. The Eucharist is distributed on Sundays and several times during the week by Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist.
  • Sunday Mass: 5:30 a.m. on Channel 9

Orthodox Christian, Episcopal, Lutheran

Sacraments are available upon request.

The Interfaith Chapel

A multi-faith, non-denominational chapel is available 24 hours a day for patients and their families.  It is located on the first floor off the Main Lobby.  Catholic Mass is celebrated every Tuesday in the multi-faith chapel at noon.  Other special worship services and observances ar offered during the holy seasons of the year.

The Jewish Chapel

A Jewish Chapel is available 24 hours a day for Jewish patients and their families. The Jewish Chapel is located on the first floor near the green elevator bank. Electric Sabbath candles are available for Jewish patients. Please call the Pastoral Care and Education Office at 718-670-1114 and leave your name and room number. Kosher food is also available on request.   Please contact Nutrition Services at 718-670-1012 to request Kosher food.