Center for Autism & the Developing Brain

Center for Autism & the Developing Brain

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Schools & Community

Consultation to Schools and Community Providers

Consultation to Schools

Many schools provide strong, appropriate diagnostic evaluations and treatment services to children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. Other schools may not have the expertise necessary to provide these services to their student body. In order to meet the needs of these students, school districts can contract with CADB to provide any/all of the following:

Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of individual students, which includes:

  • consultation with the teachers and parents to collect information about social, developmental and educational history, as well as past and present ASD symptoms
  • administration of ASD diagnostic instruments, such as the ADOS-2, as well as cognitive, language, and academic testing.
  • practical recommendations, working with teachers to facilitate learning

Treatment consultation, including:

  • consultation with teachers/school personnel about individual students needing behavior support plans
  • consultation with teachers/school personnel about class-wide teaching and behavior management strategies
  • provision of user-friendly methods to monitor and assess progress efficiently and effectively as related to different intervention strategies or changes in curriculum

Consultation to Community Agencies

Providers in the community have many responsibilities, serve a wide range of individuals, and can be faced with many challenges. In order to best serve clients it is often helpful for clinicians to seek outside guidance or obtain a second opinion. Additionally, as agencies confront novel situations and clientele, staff training in these areas may be required. In order to meet these needs, agencies can contract with CADB to receive consultation regarding individual clients or arrange for trainings in specific areas of assessment or treatment.

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