Pediatric Diabetes Care

Treatments and Procedures

A Team of Providers for Your Child

We take a team approach to the care of children with diabetes that includes:

  • Managing your child's blood sugar levels to get them into a healthy range
  • Educating your child how to take care of himself or herself, as well as education for you and your family about how to support your child
  • Creation of a dietary plan for your child that takes into account food preferences, medical treatments, your culture, and your lifestyle
  • Access to medical doctors or surgeons needed to treat any related conditions
  • Screening and treating your child for complications of diabetes
  • Screening children who are at risk of developing diabetes

We also offer group sessions for you and your child that address practical issues, such as which insulin pumps and sensors are best for your child, planning summer camp, gluten-free diets and diabetes, and other common concerns.

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