Roberta Schneider's Story

Roberta Schneider

“NewYork-Presbyterian is like my second home. They gave me hope. If anything happens to me I know that I have every doctor here.”

Roberta’s Remarkable Recovery

When Roberta Schneider was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2009, “It was the worst of the worst,” she recalls. Her gastroenterologist, Dr. David Markowitz, discovered the cancer had broken through four of the five esophageal walls and recommended she see Dr. Frank D’Ovidio, Surgical Director of NewYork-Presbyterian’s Lung Transplant Program. Because of surgeries related to a prior car accident—which was the beginning of Roberta’s relationship with NewYork-Presbyterian—Dr. D’Ovidio had to navigate around a rod in her torso while simultaneously removing the cancerous cells, successfully performing the first operation of its kind. Roberta then began working with Dr. Lucian Sulica, Director of the Sean Parker Institute for the Voice, to regain her voice following the postsurgery radiation and chemotherapy.

The hard work paid off and Roberta is now cancer-free. “It sounds terrible to say,” she says, “but I really feel that NYP is my second home. Each of my doctors have fabulous people working with them. There is empathy throughout the Hospital – every person has it in their heart. It is truly magnificent.”

With the support of her devoted husband, Roberta has made a full recovery. “NewYork-Presbyterian brought me back to life,” she says. “They really did! I feel comfortable knowing that if anything happens to me, I have the full support of all the doctors here.”