Rehabilitation is often central to treatment for back and neck pain. It may be one of the first alternatives doctors prescribe in treatment, and it is often used to help patients recover from neck or back surgery. Physical therapy can actually help some patients with back and neck pain to avoid surgery.

NewYork-Presbyterian's multidisciplinary team includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, and physicians who are specially trained in neurological rehabilitation. Our rehabilitation program is cited by U.S. News and World Report as one of the best in the country.

Comprehensive back and neck rehabilitation programs help each patient return to the highest level of function and independence, while improving his or her overall quality of life. To achieve these goals, back and neck rehabilitation programs may include:

  • Exercise programs to improve range of motion, increase muscle strength, enhance flexibility and mobility, and increase endurance
  • Use of assistive devices to promote independence
  • Retraining to improve walking and movement
  • Tools to manage pain and stress
  • Education of patients about proper posture, positions, and ways of moving
  • Prevention programs to reduce the risk of work-related injuries and other back and neck injuries

Rehabilitation is offered on both an inpatient basis (to speed recovery after surgery) and on an outpatient basis, depending on each patient's diagnosis and personal needs. Our rehabilitation specialists are also able to prescribe a regimen of outpatient physical therapy which can be completed closer to a patient's home.