Columbia University studying horse therapy for veterans with PTSD at Bergen County stables


They are each wary and slow to trust others. They each scan their surroundings constantly. And each stays constantly alert for danger.

But while horses depend on those characteristics for survival, veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder can find them debilitating — traits that interfere with family and work life and can result in disturbed sleep, depression and substance abuse.

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VA Expands Emergency Mental Care To Vets With Bad Service Records


The U.S. Army has commissioned a study to determine whether an anesthetic injection to the neck alleviates symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder—a treatment that, if proven effective, could be a big step toward easing an affliction affecting hundreds of thousands of troops who have returned from combat.

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Can a Single Injection Conquer PTSD? The Army Wants to Find Out


The Department of Veterans Affairs is set to provide veterans who have other-than-honorable discharges with emergency mental health care, beginning July 5.

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