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Elite and Professional Athletes

Sports Performance Training - Elite Professional Athletes

Elite Athlete Training Program

Group training sessions are offered five days/week.

Each 90-minute session includes:

  • Movement prep dynamic warm-up

  • Speed and agility

  • Plyometrics

  • Movement-based strength training

  • Cardio intervals and metabolic conditioning

  • Mobility and recovery techniques

Semi-Private Training:

One session a day: $325/week or $1300/month

Two sessions a day: $500/week or $2000/month


$650/week or $2000/month

As team physicians for the New York Yankees, New York City Football Club, Columbia University, Fordham University, and Rockland Boulders, the sports medicine experts at Columbia Orthopedics and NewYork-Presbyterian understand the unique needs of elite athletes, and have extensive experience helping them achieve their goals. In partnership with EXOS, a leader in sports performance trusted by Olympians and professionals worldwide, the NewYork-Presbyterian Sports Performance Institute offers an unparalleled level of personalized training and care to help you excel.

Our services help elite and professional athletes on the field, the court, the ice, and the track maximize their power, speed, and endurance while reducing the risk of injury, using:

  • Proven training methods
  • Experienced coaches
  • An integrated approach uniting performance specialists, physical therapists, and sports medicine physicians focused on improving your performance
  • Advanced facilities and equipment

Whether your goal is to get in shape for the new season, boost your speed and agility, or return to play after an injury, our team designs and delivers goal-oriented health and performance game plans that guide athletes to achieve higher levels of success. Sports performance services powered by EXOS include:

  • Performance training to up your game and enhance your athletic level
  • One-on-one and semi-private training sessions
  • Sports science testing to evaluate rehabilitation effectiveness and track your success

Learn how the EXOS approach can help you get the most from your body while decreasing your risk of injury and enhancing recovery.


NewYork-Presbyterian Sports Performance Institute

693 White Plains Road
Scarsdale, New York 10583

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