Patient Stories

Jack Bierwirth

Jack Bierwirth

“Probably half of Bronxville is now well aware of [NewYork-Presbyterian] Lawrence Hospital, because my wife and I have told them about my experience!”

Jackie Alumno

Jackie Alumno

“I'm thankful they've given me the rest of my life, and I'm able to spend time with my daughters.”

Lance McGinnis

Lance McGinnis

“Not having the pain, being able to walk and move freely, it's impossible for me to put into words what that means.”

Robert Ward

Robert Ward

“The support that we got from the hospital was so good. I personally really did not miss a beat. My life went on.”

Yvette Moore

Yvette Moore

“I feel like I have a second lease on life. My health problems are gone:  my blood pressure is normal, I have no more leg pain, I’m sleeping well and I have better energy. I’m walking all the time now and I’ll even take the long way to get to places now!”