Cancer Screening, Prevention & Early Detection

NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital

Cancer Screening, Prevention, and Early Detection


Gaining the Clearest Picture of Cancer

NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital offers a wide range of imaging services to screen for cancer as a means of finding the disease in its early, more curable stages. Our experienced staff of board-certified radiologists, imagers, and technicians uses the latest technology to gather the most accurate images possible.


Comprehensive Imaging Services

We offer the full suite of breast imaging services (including both digital and 3-D/tomosynthesis mammography, ultrasound, and MRI), CT and MRI scanning, and standard x-rays.


Low-Dose CT Screening for Lung Cancer

Our hospital offers  low dose CT imaging that exposes patients to less radiation. We use this technology to screen for lung cancer in people at increased risk of this disease due to their age and smoking history. Unlike a chest x-ray that produces flat, two-dimensional images of the lungs, the low-dose CT scanner can rapidly explore the lungs by taking a continuous series of images in a spiral rotation around the chest.  We work closely with our Thoracic Disease Management Team — consisting of pulmonary, pathology, thoracic surgery, interventional radiology, and radiation and medical oncology experts — for additional follow-up if a suspicious lung nodule is found.


Bone Density Testing

Some cancers or their treatments can affect your bone health. Bone density testing is available on site for all cancer survivors to assess and monitor bone health.


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