Cancer Screening, Prevention & Early Detection

NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital

Cancer Screening, Prevention, and Early Detection

Genetic Counseling & Testing

Guiding You about Your Risk of Cancer

Genetic counseling and testing is an important component of the Cancer Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital.. Genetic counselors are specially trained to assess your history, recommend and arrange genetic testing, and advise you about steps you and your family can take to reduce your risk of developing cancer or increase the chance of finding it early.

  • During a session, the genetic counselor will carefully review your family history, including relatives who may have had cancer.
  • The counselor will then make recommendations about genetic testing. He or she will explain what the testing is and how you might benefit. The choice to have genetic testing is yours — it's entirely voluntary.
  • If you choose to have genetic testing, we can perform the tests for you.
  • If it is determined that you have an increased risk of cancer, either due to your family history or to genetic testing results, the counselor will advise you about ways to reduce your cancer risk or find it earlier — such as having mammograms earlier and more frequently than someone who does not have an elevated cancer risk.

To learn more about genetic counseling at NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital, please call 914-787-4095.

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