Diagnosis & Treatment

NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital

Diagnosis & Treatment

Onsite Cancer Surgery

The modern, state-of-the-art operating rooms at NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital accommodate the latest surgical equipment and technologies and are located in the same building as the other components of the cancer program.

  • Where appropriate, we perform cancer surgery using a minimally invasive approach, including laparoscopy and robotic surgery.
  • Minimally invasive surgery results in smaller incisions, less postoperative discomfort, and a speedier return to your normal activities, so you can get back to spending time with your family and friends.
  • We offer a range of breast surgical procedures, include breast conservation, sentinel node biopsy, and mastectomies (including nipple-sparing procedures). Our oncoplastic approach is designed to give women excellent cosmetic results while effectively removing the cancer. We also offer reconstruction to women who are having mastectomy, which can be performed during cancer surgery or at another time.

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