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NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital

Diagnosis & Treatment

Infusion Center

A Comfortable and Modern Infusion Center

At NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital, we provide infusions in our new outpatient Infusion Center, featuring private areas and a quiet, comfortable environment. If chemotherapy is part of your treatment, you will receive the drugs that are most effective for treating your cancer, including new targeted drugs based on the features of your tumor. We also offer the latest immunotherapies — treatments that harness the power of your own body's immune system to fight cancer. In addition to chemotherapy, we also provide other infusions and injections used in cancer care, such as intravenous hydration, electrolytes, blood products, antibiotics, and other supportive treatments you may need — all in a safe, carefully monitored setting.

If you are receiving oral anticancer agents (those you take by mouth), our oncology pharmacy and nursing staff will help you understand how to take these drugs safely and effectively. They are available to answer any questions you may have about all of your medications, including non-prescription drugs, and let you know of any possible interactions and side effects that may occur if other medications are taken with your anticancer drugs.

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