Family Advisory Council

Initiatives and Programs


The Komansky Center Family Advisory Council provides support to patients and families through two main programs:

Support Group

A child's stay in the hospital can often be a stressful and difficult time. Our members, through the sharing of their experiences, help guide other families and provide them with emotional support. From the parent lunches, teas and dinners to celebrating with patients and families at our many holiday events, we are committed to creating initiatives which support families, as well as systematically managing that support.


Our role is to enable families to have direct impact and influence on policies, programs, and practices which affect the care and services of children and their loved ones. The KCFAC Family Faculty is one such endeavor. Working in close collaboration with medical staff, we develop and host programs to educate interns, medical students and nurses on the principles of Family Centered Care. KCFAC parents are afforded the opportunity to impart their experiences and opinions in order to contribute a family’s point of view based on "real life" situations.


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