Patient Voice


Patient Voice is a versatile tool that allows patients to use tablets to fill out user-friendly questionnaires, and to engage in their own education about their condition and health. In addition, hospital staff can use Patient Voice to assist with their workflow and data collection. By streamlining processes, Patient Voice enables providers to spend even more time with their patients. Originally started as a pilot, Patient Voice now serves a variety of purposes throughout NewYork-Presbyterian. The Innovation Center has helped to support the IT and clinical staff who identified exciting opportunities to leverage this technology in their work.


  • PCD Rounding: Daily survey for PCDs, who will report on specific aspects of the patient experience, along with updates on their staff and the unit.
  • Living Donor Questionnaire: Online questionnaire for living donor candidates.
  • Medication Regimen Education (MRxEd): Digital video modules used to teach and evaluate patient’s knowledge about the safe use of their medicines.
  • Patient Satisfaction: Collection of patient satisfaction scores for International Services.
  • Outfield Data Collection: Reporting tool for providers when they care for a patient outside of their unit.
  • Clinical Depression and Anxiety Screeners: Survey for patients administered by mental health providers.