Patient Tablets

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"I did not have any way of contacting my family and friends. The patient tablet allowed me to log into my email account and contact everyone." - 8West Patient


Happier patients are healthier patients. Unsurprisingly, studies have linked patient engagement to better outcomes: a calm, revitalized, patient will be more able to focus on their recovery than one who is isolated and stressed. NewYork-Presbyterian’s Patient Tablets entertain and inform our patients, right at the bedside. They can continue to connect with friends and family. They can stay updated, both on their care in the hospital and the news outside of it. They can laugh, and relax.

After the initial launch and user feedback, the Patient Tablet program has expanded to include more hospital units, and more features on the tablets. Throughout the iterations, the Innovation Center has helped to support the distribution and adoption of the tablets. Clinical and IT staff continue to evaluate opportunities to make the tablets even more customized to the user and their needs. There are now about 800 patient tablets in 47 units across NewYork-Presbyterian.

Features for the patient:

  • Access the internet: check your email, Skype with loved ones, and browse the web
  • View your health records through myNYP
  • Read NewYork-Presbyterian’s guides for patients and visitors
  • Use relaxation applications and play games

Features for the caregiver:

  • Discuss medications and medical history visually
  • Educate patients and their families


  • In an interview with Crain’s Business, Dr. Fleischut detailed how providing patients with a familiar piece of technology can help them to feel both comfortable and empowered while in the hospital. Click here to read the full article.
  • In an editorial for the Huffington Post, Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Peter Fleischut and former SVP & CIO Aurelia Boyer detailed the Innovation Center’s initiatives over its first year, and described the multi-faceted features included in the Patient Tablets. Click here to read the full article.
  • NewYork-Presbyterian's Patient Tablets were ranked sixth in the nation in InformationWeek Elite 100, a list of top business technology innovators in the U.S. Click here to read the full press release.