mockup of NYPConnect being displayed on a smartphone

“NYPConnect will enhance communication for everyone at NYP, as it allows care team members, patients, and staff to connect with each other on any device, anywhere, anytime. We are delighted about this exciting step forward.” - Dr. Steven J. Corwin, President and Chief Executive Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian

“Peers need to get to their fellow peers quickly…If I’m contacted with NYPConnect, it’s because someone needs me. A patient of mine is somewhere and they need my care—now.” – Provider, NewYork-Presbyterian


NYPConnect focuses on strengthening communication between providers at NewYork-Presbyterian. Before the application, staff often wasn’t aware of who they would be working with on a patient case at any given point, as care teams are consistently evolving. Providers expended precious time contacting the call center and consulting inaccurate staff lists. And when they were able to identify the current personnel, our providers were not able to communicate efficiently, as they could only page each other.

In response, the Innovation Center collaborated with NewYork-Presbyterian’s Information Technology Department to create NYPConnect, a comprehensive directory for one of the largest healthcare systems in the nation. As a secure mobile application, NYPConnect makes staff information available throughout the hospital. NYPConnect also shows patient care teams in real time, eliminating confusion resulting from delayed coordination. Finally, NYPConnect provides four ways for the providers to contact each other. By updating communication with a mobile platform, NYPConnect aims to retire costly and outdated paging systems within the hospital.


  • Accurate patient care teams
  • Secure, fast, and asynchronous collaboration through individual or group messaging
  • All staff's contact information
  • Directly call, text, email, securely instant message, and page across all six NewYork-Presbyterian campuses


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