Digital Applications

The Innovation Center has created and implemented solutions designed to increase patient engagement and improve provider communication. We seek to simplify processes, and to deliver information to our end users faster and elegantly.

Nyp App phone mockup tile

The NYP App 

The New-York Presbyterian mobile application is your complete mobile guide to our patient care.

Tile of Patient Tablets mocked up

Patient Tablets

NewYork-Presbyterian's Patient Tablets entertain and inform our patients, right at the bedside.

Image of Patient Electronic Boards inside a patient room

Patient Electronic Boards

The Patient Electronic Boards digitize and improve upon the traditional whiteboard.

Autotexting mockup tile showing an iPhone


Autotexting is a communication platform that provides real-time status updates for patients and family members through text messages.

Patient Voice Tile img

Patient Voice

Patient Voice is a versatile tool that allows patients to educate themselves about their care, and providers to work more efficiently.

an illustration of various lines and headshots symbolizing connections


NYPConnect is a smartphone application that provides a comprehensive directory and communication platform for one of the largest healthcare systems in the nation.

mockup img of NYP Notify app on an iPhone

NYP Notify

NYP Notify is an application designed to deliver real-time notifications to clinicians' smartphones.

Image of Chrysler Building shown on the NYP Care+ mockup

NYP Care+

A mobile medical record and collaborating tool integrated with the Electronic Medical Record, which allows staff to document and manage patient care at the bedside on a mobile device.

mockup img of NYPBeReady app on an iPhone


In the event of an emergency or incident, the NYPBeReady application instantly alerts employees through their mobile devices, and provides valuable tools and resources.