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Outcomes Studies 2016/2017

Breast Accountability Measures 2016

  • Radiation Therapy is administered within one year of diagnosis for women under age 70 receiving breast conservation surgery for breast cancer (BCSRT)
  • Standard : 90%
  • 100% concordance with this measure
  • Tamoxifen or third generation aromatase inhibitor is considered or administered within 365 days of diagnosis for women with AJCC T1cN0M0 or Stage II or III hormone receptor positive breast cancer (HT)
  • Standard : 90%
  • Concordance: 97%

Lung Quality Improvement, January – December 2017

  • Surgery is not the first course of treatment for cN2 M0 lung cases
  • Standard 85%
  • 100% concordance with this measure

Colon Accountability Measure, January – December 2017

  • Adjuvant chemotherapy is recommended or administered within 4 months (120 days) of diagnosis for patients under the age of 80 with AJCC Stage III (lymph node positive) colon cancer (ACT)
  • Standard- not determined
  • 100% concordance with this measure