Current Residents


Iman Ahmed, PharmD

PharmD: Howard University College of Pharmacy
Interest: Oncology
Why NYP? The residency program at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is unique in providing an unparalleled training program, fostering both personal and professional growth. I chose NYP because of the incredible people that strive to tailor my development path to my interests and strengths. Ultimately, I committed to starting my career at NYP because of the support and dedication I received from preceptors early on in my residency match process. From the well-rounded clinical rotations to building on leadership experiences, NYP has a breadth of opportunities that make it a wonderful place to learn and grow from.

Catherine Johnson, PharmD

PharmD: Rutgers University
Interests: Oncology, ambulatory care, infectious diseases
Why NYP? I chose NewYork-Presbyterian because it fosters a challenging yet supportive environment for me to become a well-rounded clinician and patient advocate. The residency program offers diverse rotations and longitudinal experiences in a number of specialized areas that expand the resident's clinical knowledge. Under the guidance of exceptional preceptors, residents are trained to function effectively as independent critical thinkers. The program is tailored to the resident’s professional interests and provides the opportunity to practice at multiple sites within the healthcare system. It was clear through every interaction I had with preceptors and past residents that NYP was the program and family for me.

Neha Poladi, PharmD

PharmD: University of Pittsburgh
Interests: Oncology, infectious diseases, transplant
Why NYP? I chose NYP because of the vast array of opportunities available here coupled with a great support system and wonderful preceptors. I was looking for a progressive pharmacy environment with a strong focus on professional development and experiences in teaching. NYP was the perfect fit!

Mark Sarlo, PharmD, MS, MBA

PharmD: West Virginia University School of Pharmacy
Interests: Critical care, emergency medicine, cardiology
Why NYP? I sought a unique, challenging, and rewarding residency program. NewYork-Presbyterian gave me this opportunity to experience each of one of these components. The clinical preceptors provide an exuberant amount of clinical knowledge and further enhanced my own clinical skills as a pharmacist. The program tailors your education to your interests and seeks the best preceptors to help you reach your aspiring goals. This opportunity allowed me to rotate at different hospitals within our large healthcare system allowing me to learn from a variety of clinical experts in pharmacy and help build my own professional network. Additionally, the cutting edge research is being completed here at this healthcare system, which allowed me to be on the forefront of new developments in pharmacy.

PGY2 Critical Care

Michelle Gunther, PharmD

PGY1: UMass Memorial Medical Center
PharmD: Northeastern University
Interests: Sedation practices in critically ill patients, shock syndromes, and ECMO
Why NYP? I am ecstatic to complete my PGY2 critical care residency at NYP. This comprehensive program offers the ability to care for a diverse patient population, rotate through a variety of ICUs with advanced interventions, and work with the highest level of expertise in critical care.

Jenny Shah, PharmD

PGY1: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
PharmD: Rutgers University
Interests: Emergency neurologic support, total parenteral nutrition, sepsis and septic shock, anticoagulation reversal strategies
Why NYP? NewYork-Presbyterian is one of the nation's most comprehensive academic medical centers, with dedication to innovative research coupled with hands-on care. As a critical care resident, NewYork-Presbyterian was appealing due to the variety of specialized intensive care units and exposure to advanced interventions such as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, solid organ transplantation, burn care, and complex surgical procedures. This program offered the opportunity to rotate to different ICUs at the NYP sites throughout Manhattan, which is unique and allows me to provide patient care to diverse patient populations. Additionally, the strong preceptor group at NYP provide a supportive environment and promote both personal and professional growth. Overall, I chose NYP for the wealth of diverse experiences to broaden my clinical knowledge and leadership skills.

PGY2 Health System Pharmacy Administration and Leadership

Mohak Dave, PharmD

PGY1: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
PharmD: Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (USciences)
Interests: Specialty pharmacy, business strategy, pharmacy operations
Why NYP? I chose NewYork-Presbyterian for the dynamic learning environment, which provides the opportunity to train with some of the top clinicians and administrators in the country. Along with the high level of clinical training, NYP Pharmacy provides a wide bandwidth of targeted administrative experiences, which can be tailored to a learner’s personal interest. I found this to be a perfect blend of characteristics to support a strong HSPAL residency. As a former rotation student at NYP, I immediately recognized the deep commitment to pharmacy training at the institution. NYP preceptors since day 1 have supported, challenged, and guided me to becoming a stronger health system pharmacist. So why NewYork-Presbyterian? As our slogan says, “Amazing Things Are Happening Here.”

PGY2 Hematology/Oncology

Matthew Daniels, PharmD

PGY1: SSM Health St. Louis University Hospital
PharmD: St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Interests: BMT
Why NYP? I chose NYP because I knew I’d get a wide variety of experiences in oncology I couldn’t get anywhere else. By having the opportunity to go between two hospitals affiliated with Ivy League medical schools, I knew I’d be learning from those who practice at the highest level of care. In addition, the program truly focuses on the needs residents to aid in their professional development. Through these experiences, I knew the program would challenge me to become the best clinical pharmacist I can be through its learning focused environment.

Alexandra Della Pia, PharmD, MBA

PGY1: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
PharmD: Farleigh Dickinson University School of Pharmacy
Interests: Oncology
Why NYP? I chose to pursue my residency training at NYP in order to explore my interest in oncology while gaining a comprehensive foundation across a variety of therapeutic areas. I felt the opportunity to work with specialized preceptors would provide me with in-depth learning experiences and the confidence to care for different patient populations.

PGY2 Infectious Diseases

Jason Hedvat, PharmD

PGY1: Hackensack University Medical Center
PharmD: Rutgers University
Interests: Transplant infectious diseases, pediatric infectious diseases
Why NYP? I chose NewYork-Presbyterian as it would allow me to obtain a diverse learning experience in Infectious Diseases and the opportunity to work with leading healthcare providers in the field.

PGY2 Internal Medicine

Brittany Tschaen, PharmD

PGY1: Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
PharmD: Jefferson College of Pharmacy
Interests: Internal medicine
Why NYP? I chose NYP because I felt it was a good match for me personally. I was looking for a residency that would challenge me, but also provide a supportive environment to learn and grow as a pharmacist. Working as a member of the NYP health care team provides an excellent opportunity to contribute to patient care and enhance my clinical skills. The preceptors in the NYP residency program provide valuable mentorship for the residents. In addition, the opportunity to complete clinical rotations at several different hospitals is an interesting and unique component of the program which provides residents a well-rounded and versatile experience.

PGY2 Solid Organ Transplant

Megan Thornberg, PharmD

PGY1: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
PharmD: University of Pittsburgh
Interests: Cardiothoracic transplant
Why NYP? I chose to pursue training at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital because the opportunities and goals of the Solid Organ Transplant Pharmacy Residency Program align with my goals for professional and personal growth. NYP provides numerous learning experiences and opportunities to work with experienced clinical transplant pharmacists and healthcare providers at one of the world’s largest transplant centers. These challenging and engaging learning opportunities will allow me to develop as a well-rounded transplant clinical pharmacist, professional, and researcher. Additionally, my positive experiences as a PGY1 in the NYP learning environment led me to pursue an additional year of training here. I am excited and motivated to continue learning as much as I can during my time as a NYP Pharmacy Resident.