Conferences & Meetings

National Conference/Orientation Week

Residents are welcomed to our program by participating in a two-day national conference sponsored by the Weill Cornell Emergency Department. The conference consists of one Procedure-Oriented day and one Lecture Series day focused on cutting edge Emergency Medicine content. Residents will have the opportunity to learn procedures and hear lectures from experts within the department. Residents participate in both conference days free of charge. Visit our conference website for a review of our conference itinerary.

Following the Conference, Physician Assistant Residents partake in a dedicated, one-week Orientation. During this time, Residents will hear more basic, introductory lectures on Emergency Medicine topics, learn the computer system, and enhance their procedural skills. Sessions are taught by veteran Physician Assistants, Emergency Medicine Attending Faculty, and Senior EM medical residents. This week is designed to provide a foundation for the incoming Residents and ease them into their first clinical rotation, which marks the beginning of their 14-month training. During the first two months residents also have the opportunity to update/take ATLS, PALS, ACLS, BLS through the Weill Cornell EMS training center as needed (advanced life support is a requirement to apply).

Morning Report

When the physician assistant resident is rotating in the Emergency Department, he/she will be attending morning report each morning from 8am to 9am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and will be excused from clinical responsibilities during this time. Morning report is given by a senior Emergency Medicine MD Resident and supervised by one of our EM faculty members. The Morning reports usually consist of case-based presentation and discussion.

Weekly Emergency Medicine Conference

The Physician Assistant Resident in Emergency Medicine will be required to attend the weekly Physician Emergency Medicine Residency Conference that is held from 8am to 12-noon each Wednesday, and for 8 hours once monthly. These conferences consist of core content lectures given by faculty, residents, and visiting Grand Rounds speakers from across the country. The Physician Assistant rotating on selected off-service rotations will be excused from that rotation during the conference and will report to the rotation once conference is finished. The Physician Assistant will receive two CME credits for each four hour conference he/she attends.

Monthly ED Physician Assistant Staff Meeting

The Physician Assistant Resident in Emergency Medicine will be required to attend all monthly ED PA Staff meetings. These meeting will consist of 1-2 lectures on various topics in Emergency Medicine given by faculty, residents, or Physician Assistants in the Department of Emergency Medicine. The PA Resident will also have the opportunity to participate in any administrative decisions pertaining to the operations of the Physician Assistant Initiative in the Emergency Department.

Simulation Conference

Simulation is an integral part of our educational mission for the Department of Emergency Medicine. The Physician Assistant Resident in Emergency Medicine will have the opportunity to attend each simulation conference that is held once a month at the Weill Cornell Medical College Clinical Skills Center. These conferences are held throughout the year as part of the Wednesday Conference curriculum. There will also be opportunities to be involved in simulation sessions that are held in the Weill Cornell Medical College Physician Assistant Program.