In a private and comfortable setting, Executive Health offers you a customized health assessment, physical examination, and a personalized itinerary based on your medical history. In addition to your physical examination, other medical consultations can be arranged during your visit.

doctor at the Executive Health program at New York Presbyterian examines a patient

Preparing for Your Visit

Prior to your visit, you will be asked to complete a medical history. When possible, we will complete your blood work a few days before your visit at a time and location that is convenient for you, so that results will be available during your exam.

In addition, let us know if there are any specialists that you would like to see on the same day as your physical exam. Having your history and blood test results in advance enables our team to carefully coordinate your schedule.

Day of Your Visit

Your physical examination and health assessment will take place in the most efficient, effective, and comfortable manner. Your patient care coordinator will have your schedule prepared in advance of your arrival.

A board-certified internist will conduct your comprehensive health assessment and review the results of your blood tests. You will have ample time to speak with the doctor to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

At the conclusion of your day, a team member will review the findings of your physical and other exams, and any recommendations for follow-up. A written summary will also be sent to you and to your primary physician at your request. All information is confidential and only released at your direction.

Additional Medical Evaluations

Global Services staff around reception desk

During your visit, you may undergo additional tests based on your age, gender, and health needs. These could include:

  • Cardiac assessments
  • Breast and gynecological examinations
  • Urological examinations
  • Imaging exams, such as X-rays, mammography, or bone density
  • Colorectal cancer screening