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Part Time Extended Unit Internship

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital offers a part-time extended unit internship that requires a minimum of 400 supervised hours of ministry practice and learning. The program begins in mid-October and spans the academic year. It includes at least 14 hours a week of clinical work with patients and families and approximately 4 hours a week of educational seminars that are scheduled weekdays in the afternoon or early evening.

Participants include seminarians, qualified laypeople, members of religious orders, and other students who have the motivation and appropriate preparation for ministry and who want to learn in a multi-faith, collegial and challenging setting. The curriculum focuses on competencies in pastoral care skills, self-awareness, interpersonal relating, and ministry development. Each student designs an individualized learning contract. Seminars provide a context for the review of pastoral encounters, the exploration of patient and peer relationships, and in-depth learning through group and individual supervision regarding pastoral practice.


Part-time extended unit internships are offered at four of the six main campuses of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Unit seminars and clinical placements may be held and assigned at the sites listed below:

NYP/Weill Cornell Medical Center

Part-Time Extended Unit: October 22, 2018 - April 29, 2019
Education Seminar: Mondays, 12 - 5 pm
NYP/Weill Cornell Medical Center, located on East 68th Street in Manhattan, is the site of the former New York Hospital, and is the second oldest hospital in the country. It is the locale of the Weill Cornell Medical College.

NYP/Columbia University Medical Center

Part-Time Extended Unit: October 10, 2018 - May 8, 2019
Education Seminar: Wednesdays, 12 - 5 pm
NYP/Columbia University Medical Center, located on West 168th Street, began as Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in 1928 and is the world's first medical center to combine complete patient care, medical education and research facilities in a single complex. Located in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan, it is also the site of Columbia University's four medical schools.

NYP Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

Part-Time Extended Unit: October 10, 2018 - May 8, 2019
Education Seminar: Wednesdays, 12 - 5 pm
NYP Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, located on 166th Street and Broadway, dates back to 1887 when it was founded as a Babies Hospital, the first hospital dedicated to the care of babies in New York City. Ranked as the #1 children's hospital in New York City and one of the best in the country, the Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of NY provides leading care in all medical specialties and is internationally known for its pediatric cardiac services.

NYP Allen Hospital

Part-Time Extended Unit: October 22, 2018 - April 29, 2019
Education Seminar: Mondays, 1 - 6 pm
NYP Allen Hospital is located on the northern tip of Manhattan, at Broadway and 220th Street. We are a community hospital and one of the six main campuses of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. We serve northern Manhattan, Riverdale and other communities in the Bronx, and provide services in Spanish to our Spanish-speaking patients and their families. We offer leading care in the intimate setting of a community hospital.


Fall/Spring Extended Unit: $700 ($150 non-refundable deposit due upon acceptance to the program + $550 due on the first day of the unit unless other arrangements have been made with one of the CPE Registrars).

NewYork-Presbyterian offers a limited number of scholarships to help cover tuition expenses only. After acceptance into a program, students must pay the non-refundable $150 deposit. Students may then complete a brief application for financial aid for up to $500.00.

Financial aid is dispersed based upon financial need, the amount available in the scholarship fund, and the number of applications received for aid. There are no scholarships for the initial $150 deposit. Financial aid application forms are available through the Pastoral Care & Education Department. Your ecclesial body or seminary may have funds available to help defray the costs of your Clinical Pastoral Education, especially if they require you to take CPE. Be sure to check with them.

How to Apply

To apply to this program, please complete our online application and reference form.

For More Information

For more information about our CPE programs please see the Frequently Asked Questions section and/or contact Karen Berdecia, CPE Registrar, at If you would like to have a phone conversation, please email Karen to set-up a day and time.

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