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Our ECMO Team

ECMO Staff


Our nurses provide care to patients under instruction of our physicians and nurse practitioners.

Nurse Practitioners

Our nurse practitioners manage overall clinical care for all Medical ICU patients, in collaboration with our multidisciplinary teams.

Medical ICU Attending Physicians

Our medical ICU attending physicians are trained in pulmonary and critical care medicine and are responsible for the care of all of our patients in the Medical ICU. 

Medical ECMO Attending Physicians

Our medical ECMO attending physicians are trained in pulmonary and critical care and specialize in ECMO.  Along with the surgical attending and medical ICU attending, the medical ECMO attending evaluates new ECMO patients and participates in the management of our patients being treated with ECMO.

Cardiothoracic Surgeons

One of our cardiothoracic surgeons performs the surgical procedure to initiate ECMO support and daily ECMO management with medical ECMO attending and perfusionists.

Surgical Fellows and Residents

Our surgical fellows or residents will assist the cardiothoracic surgeon in the initiation of ECMO and its daily management.


Our perfusionists initiate, manage, and troubleshoot the ECMO circuit to maintain proper physiological patient parameters.

Respiratory Therapists

Our respiratory therapists initiate and maintain breathing support if a patient is supported with mechanical ventilation.

Social Workers

Our social workers provide psychosocial assessment, supportive counseling and crisis intervention to the patient’s family in relation to their ICU admission and need for ECMO intervention. They coordinate additional ancillary support services for our patients and families.  They work with the clinical team and the patient’s family to coordinate discharge from hospital and placement at appropriate level of care (rehabilitation, long term acute care, home, home with services) upon discharge.

Care Coordinator

Our care coordinator develops collaborative relationships with attending physicians, house staff, nursing and members of the interdisciplinary team to promote safe, quality care. They coordinate activities of the interdisciplinary team members focusing on effective management of the patient's care from admission through discharge. Social workers are responsible for reviewing the progress of defined length of stay targets and identifying barriers for action by the interdisciplinary team. 

Physical Therapists

Our physical therapists work to overcome and prevent the weakness and deconditioning that is associated with critical illness. They work with patients on activities such as sitting, standing, walking and climbing stairs.

Occupational Therapists

Our occupational therapists address the patient’s ability to function as independently as possible in their daily lives. This includes performing daily self-care such as dressing, eating, oral care, and toileting.

Speech Therapists/Speech-language Pathologists

Our speech therapists/speech-language pathologists evaluate/treat communication and swallowing disorders as a result of injury or illness including post extubation, tracheostomy and delirium. They utilize Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing and Modified Barium Swallow Studies to objectively assess swallowing and determine a safe diet texture. The passy muir speaking valve is used to increase communication/swallowing as able with our tracheostomy patients. They work with the patient, so they will be able resume functional abilities in the areas of communication and swallowing.

Patient Services Representative

Our patient services representative promote patient and family centered care by facilitating a positive experience for patients, coordinating special service requests, and serving as a forum for complaints and grievance.

ECMO Program Administrator

Our ECMO Program Administrator oversees the ECMO Program, working with physicians, patients and families to ensure quality care, continuous improvement, and the long term success of the program.

ECMO Program Coordinator

Our ECMO Program Coordinator provides support and serves as a resource to families and ECMO patients.


Center for Acute Respiratory Care

If you are a physician, please contact 1.800.NYP.STAT (1.800.697.7828) to have your patient transferred.

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